Visit Residenza Belmare

Visit Residenza Belmare

Creative Sculpture Courses

The sculpture experience

Our Courses want to offer the oppurtunity to anyone to approach the white Marble that accompanies our work and our lives.

Experience the feeling of dominating and shaping the matter, indulging its nature in the unique scenario of the Carrara Quarries in the heart of the Apuan Alps:

an opportunity never offered before!

What will we do:

  • 4h workshop
  • We will meet in the quarry parking (reachable by any transportation)
  • Transfer to the studio by 4×4 off-road
  • Let’s start sculpting with manual and pneumatic tools
  • Take a break, hot and cold drinks are offered by us
  • Let’s choose togheter your stone and create your personal artpiece in marble, you’ll be surprised!
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