Visit Residenza Belmare

Visit Residenza Belmare

The Park

Ancient statues express a strong Renaissance desire to surround themselves with the beauty of classical antiquity, while giant contemporary sculptures such as the work of Rabarama welcome and protect us with their prevailing aura. During your stay you can relax here, pampered by greenery and surrounded by the beauty of nature.

Mondi altri e lontani

statue e sculture antiche e moderne popolano il nostro parco per una continua scoperta.

from irises, to roses, to ancient trees

grandeur and intimacy find great harmony in the contamination of colors and scents.

unusual looks

the wonder gives way to a curious and contemporary look.

get lost in the green

silent and intimate, individual, rich, intense and deeply rooted in the nature of the place.

water as an element of fecundity

sudden refreshing and relaxing jets of water.

restore mind and body

in our terrace you can share a pleasant breakfast outdoors.

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